Bohemian Style Clothing

We Love Bohemian Style Clothing

image: bohemian style clothingbecause we think that like no other style, it allows people to express their inner free-spirit nature with comfort, and elegance.  The style carries that awesome vibe of having just come home from a round of summer festivals.  Bohemian style clothing embodies the spirit of what it means to live the life of a free spirit.

What you put on shows who you are inside.

Our first-ever boho jacket sold in Australia.  Our next in New York.  The rest in Portland, Oregon.  We set up a brick and mortar in Ashland, Oregon, which did well, and then we relocated to Los Angeles where the sun is out more than in the north.

As far as bohemian style clothing, we’ve been sewing since we were seven years old.  Our patterned, yoked, button-down, floor-length skirt won the blue ribbon at the Coos County Fair.  Now we are a looser bunch, handcrafting pantaloons, shorts, jackets, and hats.  And we source wonderful pieces that fit our spirited mood.

image: bohemian style clothing