Boho Art

Boho Art: A Post-Modern Movement

image: boho art

We are obsessed with geometry and feathers.  We do not know why.  But we are okay with that.  We are free spirits and follow our intuition.  Our collections often include tribal and futuristic aspects as well.  The beautiful lines and shapes look simply sweet against walls, in textiles, and even the skin.

We were invited to the Oregon Eclipse Festival in 2017, and having recently moved our offices could not find the costume bin.  It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity though, so we applied a few flash tattoos and were good to go.  The clean lines and geometric shapes of those effortless metallic tattoos really lent themselves to the festival atmosphere, and we quickly found our groove.

We thank the rise in popularity of boho art.  The style is like the coolest ideas from all eras in one.  A warmer, fresh take on the modern movement, the simple sophistication of symbols taps into our memory of what it feels like to be free.

In addition to our lines of craft objects, we source, restore, and make wall art, drawings, paintings, and sculptures.


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