Boho Decor

image: boho decorFeel Good With Boho Decor

Living a bohemian lifestyle means to us enjoying life.  And when we come home, it’s wonderful to look around and see things we just love.  Finding and making boho decor pieces that make us stop and take a breath is one of our favorite ways to brighten our mood.  Our surroundings really do impact how good we feel.

Every room and every person’s home is going to be uniquely theirs, so we like to curate (and make!) pieces to complement whatever is going on in someone’s living space.

It’s fun, but it also helps make life better.  We enjoy discovering just the right thing to put on a mantel or spruce up a bedside table.  But the right boho decor pieces absolutely make us happier.  You know when you clean your house it always lifts you up?  Our philosophy is to bring things into our homes that lift our moods just by looking at, hearing, smelling, or touching them.

Feeling good leads to more good.

Great boho decor actually excites us while helping us to relax.  When you gaze upon a well-appointed room, doesn’t it remind you to smile, and then don’t your thoughts lighten?  Ours do.  We have a much better outlook.  If you live in a gloomy part of the world (like our former home base of Portland, Oregon) you know how the state of the weather can make you feel.


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