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Looking for Unique Handmade Jewelry Online?

image: handmade jewelry onlineIt can be difficult to find handmade jewelry, online and in brick and mortar boutiques.  A lot of the designs mimic each other, and boutique jewelry starts to look the same.  Searching for authentically unique pieces can be depressing.  We were told by our very first buyer that she had never seen anything like our jewelry.  She urged us to work in precious metals, and she bought everything we had.  Each piece we create has usually been either one-of-a-kind or in multiples of only two or three.

Frequenting local shops or searching for handmade jewelry online takes time.  So does making.  We enjoy it.  We never use a template, and we don’t buy my materials in bulk.  We can only create a small handful of the majority of pieces that we sell.  Buyers often gasp when we open our cases.  One of our favorite things is the reactions people have.

Our lead designer was asked by one woman if she didn’t mind waiting for her to run to her car in the parking lot to fetch cash so she could buy the necklace off her neck.  Our designer considered whether her outfit could survive without it and thought, this woman really loves it, she should have this.

Another lady had to subtly battle her grouchy husband in order to bring home a piece she obviously adored.  We could almost see the oxytocin coming off the necklace.  Her hubby wasn’t giving her what she wanted that day, but this customer walked away with a spring in her step.  We have all kinds of stories about ladies who took comfort and joy in our original work.

We really do love to help women feel good as well as look their best.  So we hope the next time you are looking for a great piece of handmade jewelry online or in your local boutiques, you’ll find us.


image: handmade jewelry online