Outdoor Garden Containers

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Plants are beautiful.  They grow in such a wide variety of colors, shapes, and textures.  We have so much to choose from.  A professional knows how to balance the plant palette to work with the architecture of the home and the other materials used for walkways, patios, and arbors.  It’s important to consider how each feature works to unify the whole.

Outdoor space is a lot like a work of art.  It is valuable to draw the eye dynamically through the space, not just the body.  The use of outdoor garden containers in any patio or yard is a stylish way to enhance outdoor living.  Planters such as these handmade and painted metallic gold succulent pots are small but when used in a collection they brighten and add the warmth of gold to this deck.

Outdoor garden containers can be small or large, stationary such as beside an entry, or hung from an arbor or porch roof.  Plants enrich our lives immeasurably, with oxygen, flowers, and joy.  The containers we place them in allow them to look their best with little maintenance.  You can water your containers with a drip system on a timer or the old fashioned way, with a hose.  Pots tend to dry out faster because they are surrounded by air, so potted outdoor plants need water daily in warm weather.

I like to play with asymmetrical balance.  I’ve been asked to do hundreds of consultations for homeowners throughout Oregon and California.  I always like to start with their home architecture.  Most entry paths are straight, and so an outdoor garden container filled with beautiful plantings adds curves.  This can slow down the river of oncoming energy to a home, calming the flow into more of a gentle stream.  With careful selection of texture, color, and size, the planter becomes a source of welcome to residents and their guests.  Placing one rather than two, or putting a pair of pots at different distances from the front door can really add interest and avoid too much stateliness.

In more intimate spaces surrounding the home, such as a back yard, smaller planters work well.  Along a railing or concrete wall, hung from an arbor, or stationed at the corners of a patio or deck, outdoor garden containers break up the landscape and help define space.

Depending on the features of your own outdoor living spaces, try adding outdoor garden containers to your property.

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