What Is Boho Style

image: what is boho styleWhat is boho style anyway?

Here is my take on this beautiful trend that is here to stay.  I’ve been a bohemian since I was a little girl.  My hippie parents seemed a little (ok, a lot) too loosey goosey for me.  And my straight-laced cold war era grandparents seemed to lack a certain panache in my book.

So I followed my inner free spirited child and let’s just say I have never looked back.  Boho style is a little up to interpretation, but my take on it is quality of living balanced with a strong aesthetic.

This equates to pretty things everywhere you look in your home, garden, and heart.  I have worked super hard to cultivate my inner garden so to speak, and when the outside world is looking bleak, there are beautiful flowers awaiting me.  It’s true, I believe, that we all need help getting back to that inner garden of our dreams, our happy places, if you will.  So I like to make my home and garden reflect the inner landscape of my soul.

What is Boho Style?  To me, it’s Feeling Freeimage: what is boho style

I think it’s a great question, what is boho style?  My team and I love making eye-catching pieces especially because when we were kids, our parents decorated with all sorts of weird found objects, hippie artifacts, and other neat stuff.  At my house, we didn’t have any decor.

I had a single dad, and he, well, he was busy raising my brother and I.  So all I had for starters was this hideous red rug that had come with the place.  Can you believe that?  Add to that a brown couch and wood paneling, and well, you get the idea.  My outer life was unfortunately bleak after we moved from California to Oregon, and I didn’t know how to decorate then.  But I had to start somewhere.  So I kind of came up with a style that gave me a feeling of freedom and elegance, using what little I had to work with.

I saved up and bought a bike.  After school most days, I rode to a deserted beach on the river at the end of town.  I could skinny-dip without being disturbed, swimming across the channel and back and then drying in the late afternoon sun.  That bike meant heaven to me.  Because of it, I also discovered a junk shop.  Treasures from the shop made their way home with me, and soon my house felt like a home.  I was hooked.